Our Mission

When it comes to the use of data, business models based on information and technology have a clear advantage.
Data is the new oil - we have the refinery.

But more is needed: optimization based only on one's own data is not sufficient in the long run.

This is why the data sharing economy will significantly change the industry.
This requires new forms of cooperation and a platform: aifora.

On aifora, retailers and brands can share their data and thus form a digital ecosystem.
With the help of artificial intelligence, we fully leverage the value of this data.

Our focus is on the interaction between optimal price and inventory.

Our Solutions

Accurate and targeted pricing, promotions and merchandise flow influence customer behavior.

Based on the aifora platform we offer powerful SaaS solutions for customer-centric merchandising which drive revenues and profit.

Intelligent Price Automation


Dynamic and localized price management for all sales channels in real-time.

Consideration of all relevant price influencing factors and price strategies on the basis of machine-learning algorithms.

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Intelligent Stock Automation


Automation and optimization of merchandise distribution and merchandise management processes.

Consideration of individual sales strategies, demand forecasts and supply chain requirements.

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*There are two independent companies with the name Peek & Cloppenburg in Germany with their headquarters in Düsseldorf and Hamburg. In this case we are referring to Peek & Cloppenburg, Hamburg.

What Our Customers Say About Us

When dealing with data sharing and digitalisation, you have to rely on strong partners who specialise in it. If we weren’t working together with aifora, I wouldn’t know how we could ensure progress at comparable quality and speed.

Thomas Rothe Head of Buying / Product Management, Adler Modemärkte AG

Implementing mark-down optimization took only four weeks – including the integration to our SAP systems.

Felix Finger
Felix Finger COO, Hamm-Reno Group

Your Advantages

Quick implementation

No endless projects - up and running in just 4 weeks.

Full transparency
Always know what decision the algorithm makes and and why.
Easy customization

Individual configuration without coding or IT know-how.


Comprehensive market data

All the external data that you need to better understand your customers.

True SaaS solution

Always up-to-date and no hidden costs.


Fast ROI

No invest necessary - benefit-based “all-in” subscription model.

Industry Focus

Our cloud-based services are suitable for all business models and industries. Nevertheless, there are specific characteristics, such as seasonality in apparel retail or the high price comparability in the consumer goods. That’s why we offer industry-specific business rules, data pools and workflows that can be easily configured to meet individual customer requirements.

aifora sports & outdoor

Sport & Outdoor

aifora beauty & health

Beauty & Health

aifora consumer electronics

Consumer Electronics

aifora diy & home

DIY & Home

aifora food & convenience

Food & Convenience

aifora fashion & lifestyle

Fashion & Lifestyle

Our Partners

The focus of aifora lies on developing unique products, constantly improving these products and providing the perfect support to our customers. For consulting, integration and sales, we rely on sustainable partnerships and provide an attractive partnership model.






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Information & Inspiration

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