About aifora

The exceptional status and increasing market domination achieved by Amazon, Zalando & Co. comes from the fact that they unite the most important characteristics of exponential organizations and thus have a clear advantage over traditional retailers.

They are all based on a business model that uses digital technologies as a lever and is at its core information-based. They have the necessary resources, know-how and innovative strength to continuously develop and quickly adapt highly scalable IT structures and extremely powerful business applications.

Most “classic” organizations will never be able set up such structures on their own. For many, the gap between the need to act and the ability to act has become so wide that the necessary transformation cannot be reached alone.

We at aifora will change that.

Based on our big data platform, we leverage deep learning algorithms to understand and predict customer behavior and enable our clients to engage in customer-centric merchandising – no matter how many or which sales channels they use.

Thanks to intelligent automation, we eliminate repetitive and transactional activities, allowing our clients to focus on product innovation and customer experience.

With aifora, brands and retailers can share their data and thus create a digital ecosystem with synergies to counterbalance the increasing supremacy of online pure players.


IT & data science meets business: The idea for aifora emerged from a successful cooperation in the consulting environment at the beginning of 2017. To put the product vision into practice, an interdisciplinary team and an international competence network were established.

In addition to our own experts in data science, merchandising and software development, we rely on partnerships with research institutes, crowdsourcing and close cooperation with our customer community.

This has enabled us to develop outstanding solutions based on leading technologies that have already achieved demonstrable benefits for various brands and retailers.

Our Founders

Thomas Jesewski

Thomas Jesewski


Thomas has a background in computer science and began his career in the early 90s in the software industry.

From 1998 to 2004 he was Global CIO of Esprit, where he was responsible for the digital transformation in a rapidly growing company.

In 2005 he founded TAILORIT, a leading management consultancy in the retail, fashion & lifestyle sector.

He has worked as a consultant for numerous retailers and brands such as H&M, Hugo Boss, Karstadt and C&A.

Thomas is a board member of EO (www.eonetwork.org).


David Krings

David Krings


David is a techno-mathematician who has both the mathematical and technical knowledge to translate the requirements of the digital age into suitable solutions.

Before the term data science was even coined, he worked at the Research Centre Jülich, where he developed statistical algorithms and optimized simulations in high-performance computing.

In 2014 he founded KRID Solutions and developed big data architectures and machine learning algorithms for various industries.


What drives us


We aim to disrupt and we never stop. We’re always striving for better, faster, more user-friendly solutions.

Cool Products

We’re not satisfied with just great products, we want to create products that will WOW you.

Happy Customers

Our customers are our top priority. We stop at nothing to help them optimize their business.


Confront us with your greatest challenges – we’ll get back to you with a great solution.