Intelligent Stock Automation (ISA)

Understand and predict customer behavior and demand to drive profitability

About ISA

Our predictive services for merchandise management are the ideal supplement to optimize not only the prices, but also the company’s stock levels. The objective here is a demand-driven and holistic optimization of the flow of merchandise in the company. For the core elements allocation, replenishment and transfers, the highest possible automation of merchandise distribution and management processes becomes achievable.

With the help of our machine learning algorithms, it is possible to determine the optimum order time and the correct quantities better than with conventional calculation methods and to achieve an optimization of the stock for articles that are subsequently supplied.

Calculating the optimal purchase quantity and ideal merchandise distribution for seasonal items reduces misallocations and reduces costs for redistribution and markdowns during the season. But here, too, support is provided by recommending sensible redistributions and alternative sales channels, taking into account price and advertising campaigns.

This sophisticated stock management also generates valuable insights for a more precise planning of the next season:

  • Potentials from undercoverage of merchandise categories, channels, locations or articles
  • Potentials from surplus goods, forecast replenishment limit and forecast transfers of merchandise
  • Optimum order quantity
  • Split of deliveries

ISA Modules

aifora Replenishment


Avoiding shortages and surpluses: Automatic replenishment for initial procurement, re-ordering of merchandise and automated orders.




Inventory optimization through smart allocation: Automatic determination of order quantities, delivery split and dynamic article clusters.




Aligned costs and benefits of stock transfers: automated stock optimization for different sales channels with comprehensive control options.


Key Features

Dynamic management
Freely configurable business rules
Role-based user model
Comprehensive workflow management
What-if scenarios
Real-time monitoring
Customizable dashboard
Flexible management of the automation level

Your Advantages

Increase revenues and margins while optimizing inventories in order to improve working capital.


Revenue increase through more exact demand


Improvement of the gross margin through merchandise availability and full-price sales


Lower total inventories through the implementation of predictive analytics

IPA + ISA = Customer Centric Merchandising

Targeted and optimized prices, promotions and inventories

Our Promise

Quick Start
  • True SaaS-solution that is quickly implemented
  • Easy integration of all necessary source systems and data types
  • No complex implementation projects necessary
Full Transparency
  • Comprehensible price calculation and prognoses
  • Comprehensive KPIs and dashboards
  • Continuous performance measurement
Maximum Flexibility
  • Suitable for all company sizes and industries
  • No technical skills necessary to configure the software
  • Comprehensive system of rules and work flow management
Smart Data
  • Access to current, historicized market data and events
  • Processing of external and internal data in realtime
  • Holistic data governance
Continuous Deployment
  • Only one solution for all customers
  • Everyone profits immediately from further developments and improvements
  • aifora customers prioritize the further development of the product
Fast ROI
  • Complete ROI after just a few months
  • "All inclusive" subscription model – no investments in hardware or licenses necessary
  • No minimum contract period, no hidden costs


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