The focus of aifora lies on developing unique products, constantly improving these products and providing the perfect support to our customers.

For consulting, integration and sales, we rely on sustainable partnerships and provide an attractive partnership model.

In addition, we cooperate closely with research centers and use the data and technologies of specialized partners to make our solution even better for the benefit of our customers.



For the successful implementation of our solutions we rely on an international partner network of established consulting companies and industry specialists. They define the specific requirements together with you, configure the solution for you and ensure the necessary change process.

aifora consulting partner


Our solution can be quickly and easily integrated into your system landscape. If you have more complex requirements for reintegration or adjustments in the backend systems, our specialized integration partners are available to you, for example for SAP solutions.

aifora data integration partner


There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. We prefer to focus on our core competencies. Therefore, at aifora we use different technologies from different partners for specific tasks. In this “best of breed” approach, we ensure seamless integration and thus offer a consistent and highly flexible overall architecture.

aifora technology partner


To enable our algorithms to take all relevant influencing factors into account, we enrich your data with external data. In this way, the quality of the forecast can be further increased and even better results can be achieved. For example, we can include competitors’ prices, take local weather and events into account and optimize product ranges based on white-spot analyses.

aifora data partner


In the fields of data science and computer science, we work together with renowned universities and research institutes to develop new methods and procedures.


aifora research partner






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